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W2 Data Age Verification 007 Service

About the service

W2DataAgeVerification007Service is an age verification service for the United Kingdom. It provides a date of birth check against an age threshold, using various public data sources to verify that the age is either above or below the given age threshold.


Does this service leave a credit search Footprint? No


The following properties pertain to this service.

HouseNameString26Mandatory if no HouseNumber given
HouseNumberString26Mandatory if no HouseName given
CountryString3OptionalIf set, must be a valid three-letter ISO country code as described here. If not set, the search will be within the United Kingdom (GBR)
AgeVerificationThresholdInteger3MandatoryThe age limit that the searched-for individual will be checked against. This will usually be something like 18, 16, 25 etc
AgeVerificationPassIfInteger3MandatoryA number between 1 and 4 that tells us what check needs to be made against the limit. The options are:
1: GreaterThan
2: GreaterThanOrEqualTo
3: LessThan
4: LessThanOrEqualTo
For example, to check that an individual is 18 or over, the AgeVerificationThreshold should be 18 and the AgeVerificationPassIf should be 2 (GreaterThanOrEqualTo).


Example Response:

The following is an example service response:

"w2DataAgeVerification007Result": {
	"ageVerificationThreshold": 25,
	"passIf": "LessThan",
	"thresholdMet": true,
	"verifiedDob": true

Response breakdown

Each of the properties describes the following:

Property NameTypeDescription
VerifiedDobBoolConfirms whether or not the requested DOB has been successfully matched to the searched individual.
ThresholdMetBoolTRUE if the individual has passed the requested test. For example, if the requested age threshold was 18 and the test was GreaterThanOrEqualTo, and the service has confirmed that the individual is indeed 18 or over, this will be TRUE. If the test has failed then this value will be FALSE. Additionally, if the date of birth was not verified in the first place then this will also be FALSE.
PassIfStringThe requested test, in plain English.
AgeVerificationThresholdIntThe requested age limit
MessageStringFurther details on result, if necessary. This is mostly used for reporting errors.

Result Interpretation

In the service transaction information block (ServiceResponse > ProcessRequestResult > TransactionInformation > ServiceTransactions) the ServiceInterpretResult value will be "Pass" if the threshold was met, and "Fail" if it wasn't.

In the event of an unexpected error, the value will be "NotPerformed" and more information can be found in either the ServiceTransactionResultMessage field of the same block, or the Message block of the service result.


Example Sandbox Request

To use sandbox the following example request can be used.

Remember to include the W2 provided API key in the Authorization Header.

    "Bundle": "KYC_UK_AGE_VERIFY",
    "Data": {
        "forename": "Charlotte",
        "surname": "Hurst",
        "dayOfBirth": 1,
        "monthOfBirth": 1,
        "yearOfBirth": 2011,
        "PassIf" : 1,
        "AgeVerificationThreshold": 10,
        "houseNumber": "47",
        "street": "Bootham Terrace",
        "postcode": "KW14 3ZB"


    "Options": {
        "Sandbox": "true"
    "ClientReference": "your-client-reference"

If the Sandbox query option is set to "true" then any of the following entities will return a result:

Sandbox cases

These are the sandbox options for these service. Learn about our Sandbox here

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