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SIS Plus

Compatible Cases

About the service

Standard International Sanctions (SISPlus) service checks if a specified person is under a standard international sanction. If there are multiple matches, it provides a list of them, up to a limit of 100.

Product Code: W2-DATA-SANCTION-001

Does this service leave a credit search Footprint? No


The following properties pertain to this service.

Property NameTypeMandatoryNotes
ForenameStringMandatory if no NameQuery has been providedThe forename of the person you are searching for. Default field used for matching, can be blank if NameQuery used instead.
MiddleNamesStringUsed with Forename/MiddleNames/Surname option if availableThe middlenames of the person you are searching for. Default field used for matching, can be blank if NameQuery used instead or Forename/Surname is supplied.
SurnameStringMandatory if no NameQuery has been providedThe surname of the person you are searching for. Default field used for matching, can be blank if NameQuery used instead.
NameQueryStringMandatory if no Forename/MiddleNames/Surname has been usedThe name of the person you are searching for. Default field used for matching, can be blank if Forename/MiddleNames/Surname used instead.
NameQueryMatchThresholdInteger-The minimum name match score to match against. Default is 80 (all matches)
DateOfBirthMatchThresholdInteger-The minimum date of birth score to match against. Default is null (off). If supplied, at least one component of the date of birth must be supplied.
DayOfBirthInteger-Used with DateOfBirthMatchThreshold.
MonthOfBirthInteger-Used with DateOfBirthMatchThreshold.
YearOfBirthInteger-Used with DateOfBirthMatchThreshold.


The following table gives some more details about the response.

Example Business Response

"SISPlusCheckResult": {
	"MatchResults": [
			"MatchType": "Unknown",
			"NameMatchScore": "90",
			"ProfileId": "SANC-bb310261-ad57-9a34-a4bd-18044e9a0b35"

Example Person response

"SISPlusCheckResult": {
	"MatchResults": [
			"MatchType": "Person",
			"Name": "KIM, Jong Un",
			"NameMatchScore": "90",
			"ProfileId": "SANC-3501c004-7b45-3f64-bfa2-158bf79065ac"

Response breakdown

Property NameTypeDescription
BirthDayStringThe birth day of the record matched against.
BirthMonthIntegerThe birth month of the record matched against.
BirthYearIntegerThe birth month of the record matched against.
DateOfBirthMatchScoreIntegerThe score that this record's date of birth matched the query date.
MatchTypeMatchTypeEnumThe type of match where the data is available in the source. See below
NameStringThe name of the record matched against. Depending on the source data there may be multiple names here combined into one.
NameMatchScoreIntegerThe score that this record's name matched the query name.
ProfileIdStringA unique reference for a profile that can be subsequently retrieved in full using the Profile Details Service.

The date of birth parameters will be null if no date of birth matching threshold was specified, even if the record has a date of birth, as it reflects the matching that occurred.

Represents the type of match.

Enumeration ValueValueDescription
Person1The match is a Person.
Entity2The match is an Entity.
Unknown3The match is of unknown type. This may represent missing data and does not necessarily mean 'other'.
Vessel4The match is a vessel (usually maritime).
Aircraft5The match is an aircraft.

Transaction Result

PropertyPossible values
SuccessIncompleteResults - Too many matches generated, results truncated
ClientErrorInsufficientInformation - Required field not supplied
ClientErrorInformationFormatInvalid - Invalid format in field
ServerErrorGeneralError - Error with third party service
NotPerformed - An error occurred and the search was not performed
ServiceTransactionResultMessageUsually empty, can contain optional information such as too many matches etc.
ValidationResultNotApplicable - No search occurred to match against
Fail - MissingMandatoryField or PatternNotMatched

Search Filters

Available Filters

Applying Filters:

"Options": {
        "Sandbox": "false",
        "IncludeCountries":"GBR,UDF,SUP - Up to 20 comma delimited countries",
        "ExcludeEntities": "true | false",
        "ExcludeIndividuals": "true | false",
        "ExcludeExPeps": "true | false",
		"IgnoreAccentCharacters": "true | false"
Filter TypeDescription
Include CountriesIf included, this filter will only return alerts that are on profiles that indicate that the main country of residence/activity is in the included country. Please note that if this filter is used, we advise to also use the 2 additional filters for undefined and supra-Nationals. This will include alerts generated for subjects that cannot be readily assigned to a country.
Exclude Ex-PEPsIf included, this filter excludes alerts that would have been generated on individuals that have left the office that attracted their 'PEP status' for a defined period of time. For a risk based approach, it is normally appropriate to consider ex-PEPs for some time, however, this time will differ based on the risk profile of the business that your organisation conducts.
Exclude Individuals/EntitiesWhen applied, this filter will suppress alerts that are generated on either individuals (if you are conducting a search on a known business/entity) OR suppress entities (if conducting a search on an known individual)
Ignore Accented CharactersWhen applied, this setting will suppress any accented characters in a record to their standard base english character. i.e. Pierre André would becomes Pierre Andre. (This is false by default)


Example Request - SIS Plus

    "Bundle": "KYC_SIS",
    "Data": {
        "NameQuery": "David Cameron"
    "Options": {
        "Sandbox": "true"
    "ClientReference": "your-client-reference"

If the Sandbox query option is set to "true" the following entry will be returned in the ServiceResult:

Example Response for "Kim Jong Un":

	"HaltTriggered": "False",
	"ServiceInterpretResult": "Multiple Results",
	"ServiceTransactionResult": "Success",
	"ServiceTransactionResultMessage": "This call was generated using sandbox mode",
	"ValidationResult": "Pass"

Example Response for all OTHER name queries:

	"HaltTriggered": "False",
	"ServiceInterpretResult": "NoResults",
	"ServiceTransactionResult": "SuccessNoResults",
	"ServiceTransactionResultMessage": "This call was generated using sandbox mode",
	"ValidationResult": "Pass"