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W2 Data Ekyc UK 005

Compatible Cases

About the service

W2 Data Ekyc UK 005 is an identity verification service that includes the full Electoral Roll and Credit Bureau data. This service will leave a money laundering footprint on the bureau profile of the person you are requesting information about.

Product Code: W2-DATA-EKYC-UK-005

Does this service leave a credit search Footprint? Yes


Query Data

The following QueryData properties pertain to this service. Please note in the actual SOAP request the fields should be in alphabetical order.

Property NameTypeLengthOptional/MandatoryNotes
MiddleNamesString15OptionalThe contents of this field will be converted into initials, therefore the character limit can usually be ignored.
HouseNameString26OptionalEither house name or house number must be supplied
HouseNumberString26OptionalEither house name or house number must be supplied
PhoneNumberString16OptionalPlease provide the phone number as one contiguous set of numbers with no other characters or spaces.

After performing the search, the validation result (pass, fail, etc.) will be part of the TransactionInformation returned for the service call.  Notes

  • Address information is optional if an AddressLookupRef is supplied in the query options. The AddressLookupRef is retrieved from the W2 Data Address Lookup 024 service as an addressId.

If an AddressLookupRef is not supplied then a minimum of House Name/Number and Postcode are required. Though it is advised to supply as much address information as possible as this is more likely to return a match if no prematched addressId is supplied.

Example Request

"Data": {
	"DayOfBirth": 20,
	"Forename": "Aaron",
	"HouseNumber": "254",
	"MonthOfBirth": 6,
	"Postcode": "WT1 1TD",        
	"Street": "Ocean View",
	"Surname": "Cross",
	"YearOfBirth": 1973


The following shows the basic schema for the W2DataEkycUk005Result result.

Example Response

"w2DataEkycUk005Result": {
	"dataSources": [{
			"AllowMultipleRecordsAsSeparateDataSources": false,
			"MatchingCriteria": "NameAndAddress",
			"NumberOfMatches": 1,
			"Source": "CreditLendersA"
		}, {
			"AllowMultipleRecordsAsSeparateDataSources": false,
			"MatchingCriteria": "NameAndDateOfBirth",
			"NumberOfMatches": 1,
			"Source": "Electoral Roll"
	"interpretResult": "Pass",
	"Message": "The call was successful",
	"transactionResult": "SuccessIncompleteResults"

Response Breakdown

Below is some more information about the some of the elements of the response that require explanation:

Datasources = A collection showing every source of data that was used to formulate the result. Each source is represented by a MatchingSource element.

AllowMultipleRecordsAsSeparateDataSources = Indicates that two different record matches from the same data source may count as independent sources when formulating the 2 + 2 result. For example, two CCJ results may count as two sources, rather than one, as they would do under normal service circumstances.

MatchingCriteria = Precisely what data has been matched by the data source. E.g. NameAndAddressAndDateOfBirth

NumberOfMatches = The number of matches found by this data source

Source = The source of the data match. E.g. CCJ

SourceIdSource Matched
1Electoral Roll
2County Court Judgements (CCJs)
3Credit Lenders (CAIS)
6Mortality Data

Transaction Result

ServiceTransactionResult- Success
- SuccessIncompleteResults - Too many matches on the search criteria and the results have been truncated
- SuccessNoResults - No matches found
- ServerErrorGeneralError - An error occurred
- ServiceFailureError - Unable to contact third party service
- ClientErrorInsufficientInformationRequired field not supplied or insufficient/invalid information
- ClientErrorInformationFormatInvalid - Address fields cannot contain commas
ServiceInterpretResult- OneResult
- MultipleResults
- NoResults
- NotPerformed - An error occurred and the search was not performed
ServiceTransactionResultMessageUsually empty, can contain optional information such as too many matches etc.
ValidationResult- Pass
- NotPerformed - No search occurred to match against
- Fail - MissingMandatoryField or PatternNotMatched


Sandbox mode can be used to test the service. By setting the following query option and sending some the below query data we will return a pre-configured response without actually calling our suppliers.

Query options for Sandbox

"options": {
	"sandbox": "true"

Sandbox cases

These are the sandbox options for these service. Learn about our Sandbox here

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