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🏠 W2 Data Property Insights UK 007

Compatible Cases

About the service

Property Insights UK 007 service checks their economic status based off client household information.


Does this service leave a credit search Footprint? No


The following properties pertain to this service.

Property NameTypeMandatoryNotes
ForenameString🔒The Forename of the individual.
SurnameString🔒The last name of the individual.
House NumberString🔒The HouseNumber of the individual.
StreetString🔒The Street of the individual.
CityString🔒The City of the individual.
PostcodeString🔒Unique code used for identifying UK addresses.
TitleString-The status or profession of the individual.
Middle NameString-The middle name of the individual.
Day of BirthString-The day of birth of the individual.
Month of BirthString-The month of birth of the individual.
Year of BirthString-The year of birth of the individual.
Gross Annual IncomeInteger-Salary earned in one working year.
Bank Sort CodeString-Identifies both the bank and the branch where the account is held.
Mandatory if Bank Account Number is also provided
Bank Account NumberString-Unique 8 digit code that identifies an individuals bank account.
Mandatory if Bank Sort Code is also provided


Example Response:

"w2DataPropertyInsightsUK007Result": {
    "Characteristics": [

Description of the response:

Property NameTypeNotes
CharacteristicsCharacteristicThis provides details of the characteristics contained within the response.

Represents the type of Characteristic.

Property NameTypeNotes
CodeStringThe code is the Id of an individual characteristic.
ValueStringThe raw value of the individual characteristic.
DescriptionStringThe human-readable description of the characteristics.
Interpreted ValueStringThe value of the characteristic interpreted to human-readable text.


If the Sandbox query option is set to "true" then any of the following entities will return a result:

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