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Webhooks for DVFC (Alpha)

⚠️ Alpha: Please note webhooks are in an early stage of development and are subject to change.


Our DVFC Alert webhooks have been created to trigger a webhook whenever an Alert is generated from our verification system. This will enable you to utilise any downstream automation like updates to ongoing verification checks.

Getting Set Up

W2 Webhooks are an important new feature of our Document Verification & Facial Recognition, in order to make use of them you will need to ensure:

  1. You are using W2's DVFC 047 system.
  2. You have informed us of the callback URL you are listening on.

To establish either of these you can reach out to our Support team who can help you get started.

Sample Payload

The W2 webhook consists of an HTTP POST call with an application/JSON payload.

  "identificationprocess": {
    "reason": "USER_CANCELLATION",
    "identificationtime": "2019-06-06T09:34:10+02:00",
    "type": "APP",
    "sessionId": "00eb2d04-1e98-44eb-a5d8-bbcfc1c536d7"
  "customdata": {
    "custom3": "can set testbot scenarios",
    "custom4": "or store any data strings",
    "custom1": "",
    "custom2": "Custom fields",
    "custom5": "you like."
  "contactdata": {
    "mobilephone": "+441789012345",
    "email": "[email protected]"
  "userdata": {
    "birthday": {
      "status": "CHANGE",
      "value": "1981-10-17",
      "original": "1987-05-23"
    "firstname": {
      "status": "CHANGE",
      "value": "SAMUEL",
      "original": "OLIVIA"
    "address": {
      "zipcode": {
        "status": "MATCH",
        "value": "W1U"
      "country": {
        "status": "MATCH",
        "value": "GB"
      "city": {
        "status": "CHANGE",
        "value": "MUNICH",
        "original": "LONDON"
      "street": {
        "status": "CHANGE",
        "value": "PRINZREGSTR.",
        "original": "BAKER STREET"
    "birthplace": {
      "status": "CHANGE",
      "value": "UTOPIA CITY",
      "original": "LONDON"
    "nationality": {
      "status": "CHANGE",
      "value": "AQ",
      "original": "GB"
    "gender": {
      "status": "CHANGE",
      "value": "MALE",
      "original": "FEMALE"
    "identlanguage": {
      "status": "MATCH",
      "value": "en"
    "lastname": {
      "status": "CHANGE",
      "value": "JOHNSON",
      "original": "JONES"
  "identificationdocument": {
    "country": {
      "status": "NEW",
      "value": "AQ"
    "number": {
      "status": "NEW",
      "value": "LGPJ11235"
    "type": {
      "status": "NEW",
      "value": "IDCARD"
    "validuntil": {
      "status": "NEW",
      "value": "2024-10-16"

Field Breakdown

1. Identification Process

ResultThe outcome of the identification verification process. Look below for an explanation of all potential results returned.
ReasonIf a fraud attempt is reported, this field will hold the fraud reason that has been detected otherwise it will hold validation reasoning as to why the verification session failed.
TypeThe type of process used to carry out identification. (i.e. Phone, Web, etc.)
SessionIdThe identifier passed by you when creating an identification.

1.1 Result Types

There are two types of result, the first being preliminary which is the status of the identification before its been reviewed and final type means that the identification process has finished and a result has been returned.

In ProgressPreliminarySession has been created but no data has been submitted.
Review PendingPreliminaryThe verification session has been finished successfully and the result is now waiting for review.
Check PendingPreliminaryThe verification session is still being checked and could not be checked automatically.
Fraud Suspicion PendingPreliminaryThe verification session has finished but a fraud suspicion arose during the process.
Fraud Suspcion ConfirmedFinalSuspicion that the user tried to commit fraud.
SuccessFinalThe verification has been performed without problems or changed data.
Sucess Data ChangedFinalThe verification has been performed without any problems, but data has been changed compared to what was previously provided.
CancelledFinalThe verification has been cancelled by the internally due to the incorrectly performed identification by the user.
ExpiredFinalCurrent verification session has expired and needs to be renewed
UnknownFinalVerification session status returned was not recognised.

1.2 Reasons

Below you will find a table of potential reasons why a verification session may have been failed or cancelled.

ID BLURRYCancelledDocument is blurry and mandatory data cannot be read due to the blur.
ID GLARECancelledDocument has glare and mandatory data cannot be read due to the glare.
ID DARKNESSCancelledPictures of the document are dark and it is not possible to read the mandatory data or verify the authenticity of the document.
ID DATA COVEREDCancelledMandatory data is covered by the user while taking the picture.
ID PERSPECTIVECancelledDocument is positioned at such an angle that mandatory data cannot be read or document cannot be verified.
ID DATA OTHERCancelledAny other reason due to which mandatory data cannot be read.

For the full list of potential reasons Click here

2. Custom Data

Custom1The Client Reference provided.
Custom2, Custom3, Custom4, Custom5Fields for any additional information.

3. Contact Data

MobilePhoneThe individuals mobile phone number.
EmailThe individuals email address.

4. User Data

BirthdayThe individuals date of birth.
FirstnameThe Forename of the individual.
AddressThe individuals address.
BirthplaceThe place of birth of the Individual.
NationalityThe individuals legal identification of sovereign state.
GenderThe Gender of the individual.
IdentLanguageUppercase two-letter code as defined in ISO 3166.
LastnameThe last name of the individual.

4.1 Address Properties

ZipcodeUnique code used for identifying addresses.
CountryUppercase two-letter code as defined in ISO 3166.
CityThe City of the individual.
StreetThe Street of the individual.

5. Identification Document

CountryUppercase two-letter code as defined in ISO 3166.
NumberThe ID number.
TypeThe type of ID document used by the user. (i.e. Drivers License, Passport, Residence Permit, etc)
ValidUntilThe date until when the ID is valid in ISO 8601 format. (i.e. YYYY-MM-DD)